Black Friday – My Born On Date 2019

My numerology report today confirms, reconfirms, slaps me upside the head and says “get a clue”.

I’m gonna be okay, right? Tell me I’m going to be okay. While you’re lying, tell me everything is going to be better than ever.

Hello Julia
Friday, November 29, 2019
On days like this one, you must decide where your true value lies. Be strong in dealing with the tempting distractions that arise to pull you in another direction. Misplacing your affection and loyalty will only serve to break your heart if the recipient proves to be faithless.

If you’d like your mind blown, and I do enjoy such activities, peep this visualization of the size of Outer Space.

Here is the morning surf report. My intentions were to surf today, but onshore winds suggest otherwise.

44 feels really good so far. Really good.

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