I’m a Voodoo Child

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Numerology Report for Julia Anne Skelton
Clinging to old ways-both of thinking and functioning will only lead to misery and sorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with the conflict between your emotions and common sense but do it anyway. If you do and lead the way, others will follow and be free to see the light for a brighter future.

This site’s newsletter has become a beloved part of my morning routine. Science is telling me to play non-digital card games to keep my mind lively into my 70s. And according to this, we should also keep our cells moving to prevent them from dis-ease. This is consistent with the mucous-free lifestyle. Keep moving, keep flushing living cells ingesting live plants and good water.

Surfing provides both of these requirements for health and longevity. I am going to get back to it now.
See you out there.

P.S. Happy Birthday my Voodoo brother Jimi

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